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Beach Tracks

Item Description

Walking on the beach can be interesting - or not. But tracks in the sand can tell the Who's/What's Been Here story. It changes every day. It changes every season. There are bird watchers. Can they tell which ones by their tracks. Can they put a face on their track size and shape? And, of course, can you? there are dog tracks and human tracks. Faces? Weight? Size?

The images I produce tell a story. They are like a brief Haiku poem that has a beginning, middle and end. They’re a form of journalism and art. The story is always different in subject or mood. Unlike most photographs, they have added elements – details to express their subject. And like art and poems, some are sensible or nonsensical, some descriptive or color-filled shapes. Some are carefully engineered, some splashed into place. They say what they need to say in a unique or a familiar form. I hope you enjoy the subjects.

All are Giclee prints on Paper or Canvas over .75” stretcher bars. Wall hangers are built into back of stretched canvas. The canvas can be hung directly on wall or can be framed for hanging if desired.

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